What We’re All About

The Carey Group is a full service consulting and business development firm that helps our clients in a variety of ways.

Whether it is writing and executing a political campaign's field plan, assisting a business with public and private sector growth, planning a gala event or any number of other professional activities, we help our clients reach their goals.

For us at The Carey Group, the basic elements to servicing our clients are the same elements we learned while running campaigns; building coalitions, being accountable, having firm deadlines, developing and communicating a message, and working as part of a team to name a few. These skills are not exclusive to campaigns and we bring them to the table while working with our clients.

What we like most about campaigns is that they have a very specific measuring stick and a very clear deadline. Election Day will come whether you are prepared or not prepared and your work is then openly judged by the voters. That type of accountability and results driven thinking is what enables us to assist our clients in an efficient manner.

From helping a family owned business grow in the private sector, to organizing a voter initiative for a non-profit organization, assisting a Fortune 150 company to succeed in the public sector or making a business's political outreach smarter and more efficient, we have the experience and knowledge to produce desired results for our clients.

The Carey Group is small enough to intimately learn our client's values and goals and to provide detailed personal service. However, we are also experienced enough and talented enough to provide top tier service.

“The Carey Group has opened new
doors for my company and has
helped identify new opportunities.
We have seen our client base and
gross revenue increase because of
their services.”
— Jeff Becker, PFE Corporation